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UFP-5-C-MM01A Hollow Fiber Cartridge 0.5 mm 5000 NMWC

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Material (Fiber) Polysulfone (PS)
Membrane Area 26 cm2 (0.028 ft2)
Flow path 30 cm
Cartridge Length 30.8 cm (12.13 in)
Number of Fibers 6
Cartridge o.d. 0.3 cm (0.125 in)
Dimensions 30.8 L x 0.3 cm o.d.
Feed/Retentate Ports Connections Male luer-lok
Permeate Connections Male luer-lok
Autoclavable Yes
Other Materials of Construction Polysulfone housing, polysulfone endfittings, epoxy fiber potting
Material Compliance USP class VI biological test
Void Volume (Nominal) (Lumen Side) 0.25 ml
Hold-Up Volume (Nominal) (Shell Side) Min. 1 ml
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 2000/sec) lpm 0.013
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 4000/sec) lpm 0.025
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 8000/sec) lpm 0.05
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 16000/sec) lpm 0.1
Operating Temp. 60°C
Sanitization Conditions Chemical sanitization (0.5 N NaOH)
pH Stability Short Term 2–13
Feed Pressure Max. at 25°C to 50°C 3.4 bar (50 psi)
Feed Pressure Max. at 50°C to 80°C 3.4 bar (50 psi)
Fiber i.d. 0.5 mm
Pore Size 5000 NMWC
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UFP-5-C-MM01A Hollow Fiber Cartridge 0.5 mm 5000 NMWC Filtración Tangencial | Equipos de Laboratorio

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