25 sep 2019

- 26 sep 2019

Suez Water Technologies & Solutions


Transforming wastewater treatment with TOC monitoring

Fecha: 25 de septiembre de 2019

Horario:  2:00PM BST/ 10:00 AM ARG

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What you’ll learn:
• Differences between TOC, BOD, COD, and why TOC is more suitable for on-line control
• The differences in TOC technologies
• How TOC can help optimize your plant
• Examples and case studies of how TOC can be utilized

Jens Neubauer, EMEA Product Application Specialist, SUEZ
Jens Neubauer is the EMEA Product Application Specialist for the Sievers* brand of TOC analyzers by SUEZ Water
Technologies & Solutions. Jens is responsible for the development and deployment of organics monitoring solutions for
industrial and environmental markets in Europe.