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Cartucho de fibra hueca Cytiva (UFP-300-C-3MA)

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Application Virus concentration/purification/removal Used for laboratory scale processing, with typical volumes ranging from a few hundred mls to about 10 liters of solution Designed for use in the QuixStand benchtop membrane separation system and manufacturing material for early stage clinical trials Concentration, diafiltration, and purification of monoclonal antibodies, plasmids, proteins, viruses, vaccines, colloids, and plasma
Material (Fiber) Polysulfone (PS)
Membrane Area 140 cm2 (0.15 ft2)
Flow path 30 cm
Number of Fibers 30
Cartridge o.d. 0.9 cm (0.35 in)
Dimensions 33.7 L x 0.9 cm o.d.
Permeate Connections 0.375 in Tubing nipple
Autoclavable Yes
Other Materials of Construction Polysulfone housing, polysulfone end caps and permeate ports, polypropylene screen, epoxy fiber potting
Material Compliance USP class VI biological test
Void Volume (Nominal) (Lumen Side) 2 ml
Hold-Up Volume (Nominal) (Shell Side) Min. 9 ml
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 2000/sec) lpm 0.063
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 4000/sec) lpm 0.125
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 8000/sec) lpm 0.251
Required Cross Flow Rate (at 16000/sec) lpm 0.502
Operating Temp. Up to 80°C
Sanitization Conditions Chemical sanitization (0.5 N NaOH)
pH Stability Short Term 2–13
Feed Pressure Max. at 25°C to 50°C 3.4 bar (50 psi)
Feed Pressure Max. at 50°C to 80°C 3.4 bar (50 psi)
Fiber i.d. 0.5 mm
Pore Size 300000 NMWC
Cartridge Length 33.7 cm (13.26 in)

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