10463043  Protein Prep for ÄKTA systems 30/0.2 RC 150/PK

10463043 Protein Prep for ÄKTA systems 30/0.2 RC 150/PK

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The Protein Prep syringe filter containing the regenerated cellulose membrane is the optimal choice for filtration prior to chromatography with ÄKTA systems.

Optimized for sample prep prior to chromatography with ÄKTA protein purification systems
Hydrophilic membrane made of regenerated cellulose exhibits low protein binding for sample preservation
Lot-to-lot certified to have low levels of extractables that could otherwise interfere with work
Filtration of samples prior to runs demonstrated to reduce column degrading particulate matter
Available in 13 mm and 30 mm syringe filter diameter
Protein Prep Syringe Filters for ÄKTA systems is designed for optimal preparation of protein samples prior to chromatography.
High yield protein purification and accurate protein analysis both depend on a quality sample being introduced to the chromatography column. The Protein Prep syringe filter has been designed specifically to optimize these outcomes.

Protein Prep syringe filters are ready-to-use with polypropylene housing and a regenerated cellulose membrane that is low protein binding and broadly compatible with common solvents. Syringe filtration has been shown to reduce debris residue in the column that could otherwise impact performance and column life. In addition, the Protein Prep syringe filter is lot certified for low levels of extractable particles that might otherwise interfere with chromatograms.

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