Parkinson’s Disease

Arrayit Corporation has utilized genomic expression profiling and advanced bioinformatics to decipher the molecular basis of Parkinson’s Disease (PD).

In a collaboration with The Parkinson’s Institute (Sunnyvale, CA), we compared messenger RNA levels in PD patients and controls, and identified a subset of 30 cellular genes dramatically up- and down-regulated in a PD-specific manner. Bioinformatic analysis of the gene signature revealed that Parkinson’s Disease is caused by a perturbation of the protein folding and unfolding pathway, consistent with the formation of Lewy Body protein aggregates in patients with advanced PD. Based on the 30 gene markers, we developed the PDx™ molecular screening test that shows 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity in identifying Parkinson’s Disease. PDx™ correctly detects the PD expression signature in symptomatic patients as well as in pre-symptomatic individuals 25 years before the appearance of symptoms, providing an extensive window for therapeutic intervention in pre-symptomatic patients. We are currently seeking a pharma or diagnostics strategic partner to advance PDx™ to a 510(k) FDA submission.

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